About Us

Established in 2002, PHILOS is one of the largest provider and a well known name for membrane in water and waste water industry. It is a  manufacturing company located in Korea offering varieties of products such as; membrane modules(UF, MF and MBR), membrane systems for separation and concentration, and even membrane evaluation and manufacturing systems(MEMS). Moreover it has also been commercializing and distributing portable membrane water purifiers as appropriate technologies to underserved communities  (www.wellspring.kr).

MEMS on the other hand  is a brand of the PHILOS company that specializes in Membrane related research and development activities. MEMS, offers its customers with the most advanced, innovative and compact technological solution to manufacture and evaluate membranes, both hollow fiber and flat sheet type. At MEMS, we serve our customers with the best and the most suitable technology for their research and development works. No matter the size, scale, usage or application, all of MEMS’s customers are benefited from MEMS expert’s advice and company’s long history and experience. Moreover, after adopting to customer’s mind of work, MEMS has developed its systems in such a way that are very user friendly and are convenient to use. 

Please send us your interest via email: pk@pmbr.co.kr / mbrwater@pmbr.co.kr