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We are grateful for your interest in our products. PHILOS is a fast-growing pioneer in membrane and membrane-related technologies, offering top-of-the-line membranes and equipment for R&D, pilot, and commercial membrane production. PHILOS has built a solid name in the industry for great quality, superior performance, and competitive costs, earning the trust of its consumers. As a result, in order to grow the services even further, PHILOS is continuously on the search for new distributors to help them sell their products all over the world.

The following are some of the advantages of becoming a PHILOS dealer:

  • Access to - Catalogs, illustrations, drawings, and active assistance from our professional team of experts.

  • Exclusivity - Certain areas have exclusive domains which are available. 

  • Branding - Branding resources provided for promotional marketing, such as logos, posters, advertising brochures, and sales sheets.

  • Referrals - Distributor receives sales leads and customer referrals from PHILOS's database. 

  • Expertise - Expert guidance in relevant technology, marketing, and company development. 

  • Business Growth - Support in improving business strategies and tactics to ensure a higher share in the market. 

  • Engagement - Dedicated support for the long term.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our distribution network, then please fill the form.

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