Evaluation System

PHILOS is focusing on the unique needs of customers in specific industry, building the commercial excellence and further partnering with stakeholders with the innovative products and services. PHILOS also designs and provides the ‘Evaluation System’ to our customers in order to assist in providing the correct data and evaluating the right value for the membrane. PHILOS is confident in delivering the quality of membrane products and creating the value for our customers. With deep application expertise in the water industry, PHILOS focus on providing a one stop service for our valued customers with comprehensive portfolio of various products including UF, MF, MBR, RO, FO, MD.

UMF multi-purpose membrane test system

Flat sheet RO membrane testing system, permeation cell and oil-hydraulic press

Hollow fiber membrane pilot system for separation, purification (diafiltration) and concentration

Quality control and performance evaluation system for home water purifier

Membrane distillation evaluation system


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