Flat sheet Membrane

Manufacturing System

PHILOS provides the Flat Sheet Membrane Casting/Coating device, which is used for various reasons. In the past, the process is known as casting the membrane with Glass plate.  In making  a small sized module, it still requires the membrane production regardless of the size - from a commercialization perspective, this is not an efficient way. Some researchers and consumers buy the continuous membrane casting device which is expensive and difficult to use. In using the continuous membrane casting device, you may find difficulties in placing the backing material, preparing for the dope solution, preparing for casting knife, or considering the sampling methodology. The proper membrane casting process requires the automatic tension control as well as running the precise winding procedures. In order to provide the easier solutions to our customers, PHILOS invented a ‘Labcoat System’ which runs the continual membrane casting process, which runs the numerous casting for various types of Dope in a short time. The length of the Membrane produced from the system suits the purpose of making the Spiral-wound element. The quality of the casting knife and the control we provide is also incredible. Introducing our Mini-membrane winding system. Most of you find it difficult to make the spiral-wound element using the manufactured flat sheet membrane. Our Mini membrane winding system is to provide an easy solution for you. PHILOS is focusing on the unique needs of customers in specific industry, building the commercial excellence and further partnering with stakeholders with the innovative products and services. PHILOS also designs and provides the ‘Evaluation System’ to our customers in order to assist in providing the correct data and evaluating the right value for the membrane. PHILOS is confident in delivering the quality of membrane products and creating the value for our customers. With deep application expertise in the water industry, PHILOS focus on providing a one stop service for our valued customers with comprehensive portfolio of various products including UF, MF, MBR, RO, FO, MD.

Continual Lab-coat system for UF/MF and base membrane for special applications. 

​Spiral-wound element winding and trimming system.

Lab-scale continual membrane casting machine by non-woven fabric roll

Pilot-scale module cutting machine

Pilot scale continuous membrane casting system on to non-woven fabric roll.

Commercial scale continuous membrane casting system on to non-woven fabric roll.


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