Hollow Fiber Membrane

Manufacturing System

HF Membrane spins using the hollow nozzle and double hollow nozzle. The HF membrane spinning system makes it very convenient and efficient for running numerous testing as it applies the disposable raw material bag. The winding wheel is detachable, thus it supports continuous winding process (such as RO membrane or GS membrane) - it enables to coat or design in the next stage of the testing process. As part of the membrane manufacturing process, there’s a risk of deteriorating the quality of membrane (known as solvent migration effect) caused by potential residual of solvent or any additives. PHILOS finds it important to have the process in place to perfectly remove these chemicals from the manufactured membranes. Therefore, RMS (Researcher Minded System) has been applied as part of the process in order to provide quality product.

Hollow fiber membrane module potting system (Lab to commercial scale)

Lab-scale module cutting machine

Pilot-scale module cutting machine

Hollow fiber membrane Coating system (Used for gas separation, pervaporation and any other special purpose applications)


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